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Nous recherchons un/une Barista (Barista Free Agrent)

Disponible à partir du 5 mars 2018

This Is Your Opportunity To Have Your Own Coffee Program Inside A Gallery Opening Up At Place Des Vosges. I Have Provided You With All The Materials Necessary, Inside A Very Beautify 1950's Bar That Has A Heavy Focus On Mesopotamian Art. This Space Is A Celebration Of Modernized Nostalgia, And I Am Looking For Someone To Run The Coffee Program.

You Will Be Required To Wear A Uniform, Inspired By Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel. The Ambiance Is Rather Chic, But With A Rock And Roll Twist. I Am Not Looking For Years And Years Of Experience, But I Am Looking For People That Are Fun To Work With And Who Are Highly Curious And Want To Learn. You Should Be Able To Bring A Certain Element Of Theatricality To The Space. I Am Looking Forward To Showing You Around, And Working Together.


Offre postée le 30 janvier 2018


Paris Place Des Vosges

5 mars 2018